4 Inches (110mm) Mobile Printer F6204 - Dual mode

Dual mode receipt and label printing, 4 inches (110mm) paper width, Rouged tough built quality.

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Android app - 1
Android app - 2
iOS app

Technical Data

Warranty 6 months
Model F6204
Interface USB, Bluetooth
Supported OS Android, iOS, Windows
Printing method Thermal line
Resolution 203DPI
Printing speed 90mm per second
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Charging time 2.5h
Paper width 46mm~110mm
Paper roll diameter 58mm
Command set ESC/POS, CPCL
RAM 4k buffer
Flash Flash 4M bytes, NV bitmap 64k bytes
Barcode EAN, UPC, ITF25, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128
QR code PDF417, Datamatrix
Machine weight 500g

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